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AREA: Eix Besòs

Besòs Barcelona

Pla Besòs

The strip of land that faces the coastal ring road when it runs parallel to Besòs river is a predominantly industrial environment, tangent to the ring road and very close to the Sagrera station, connected with other metropolitan nodes that are to be developed in the coming years -such as the Tres Xemeneies of the Besòs and the Badalona industrial estates, this area will be endowed with a centrality that will reinforce its strategic condition as a space of productive activity for the city. It is a space with a growing potential to house local logistics activities or those related to the city's metabolism. The size and layout of the plots of land also make it a unique space to develop activities related to renewable energy, industry 4.0 or other activities that require large spaces that do not exist in the dense fabric of the city. Therefore, we are talking about some key productive spaces to roll out, among other things, activities related to strategic sectors of the green economy. The goal is to transform the Besòs Axis into a metropolitan hub, giving priority to issues such as city planning, combating inequality, promoting the economy and restructuring industry, protecting the environment, improving infrastructures and boosting research and university premises with the Campus Diagonal-Besòs.

The areas in between the Sagrera station and the Besòs river host opportunities for re-development, such as La Mercedes site. It is a former industrial site of 9 hectares, that will be converted in a new neighbourhood with 1,500 new housing units and over 80,000 sqm. of public facilities and economic activity.

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Besòs Barcelona

Eix Besòs

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