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  • • 2008 was the turning point, when sales abroad were equal to those to Spain
  • • Catalonia is home to more than 34% of all export companies in Spain

The volume of Catalan sales abroad in 2015 rose 6.1%from the same period in 2014, for an all-time record of 63.8 billion euros, according to data from the Ministry of the Economy and Competitiveness. Furthermore, Catalan exports made up 25.5% of all those from Spain. Catalonia, therefore, continues to be the driving force for exports from Spain.

In this regard, 2008 was a turning point, when sales from Catalonia abroad first equaled those to the rest of Spain. Since that time, this trend has consolidated and sales to the rest of Spain have lost importance in comparison with those to other countries, an unstoppable internationalization process based on weak internal demand as a result of the recession.

Catalan exports that ended up in the rest of Spain in 2015 made up 37.7%, half of the level seen 20 years ago, according to data from Acció, the Government of Catalonia Business Competitiveness Agency. Last year, Catalan sales to the rest of Spain grew, but only 0.7% for a total of 38.648 billion euros. Exports to other countries, however, shot up 6.1%, for a record-breaking 63.8 billion euros. In total, sales abroad were 65% higher than those to Spain.

Finally, the importance of export companies is noteworthy, meaning those that have exported goods in the past 4 years. According to data from ICEX, the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade, which falls under the Ministry of the Economy and Competitiveness, Catalonia is home to more than 34% of all export companies in Spain, many of which contributed to the 10.5% increase in sales abroad of high technology products, valued at 6.167 billion euros according to data from Idescat.

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