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  • The aim of the hub is to boost the international projection of the Catalan start-up ecosystem
  • The start-ups are companies with a greater concentration of innovative activity

The Government of Catalonia, through ACCIÓ, recently presented the Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hubplatform, an online tool that has identified more than 1,000 Catalan start-ups with high potential for growth. This hub was created out of the desire to boost the international projection of the Catalan start-up ecosystem –one of the most dynamic in Europe– and help attract investment to these companies.

In this regard, Barcelona is ranked fifth in Europe in start-ups on several international lists, including EU-Startups and Startup Heatmap Europe. Start-ups are a clear factor in promoting innovation in Catalonia, as they are companies with a greater concentration of innovative activity.

Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub will act as a nexus for all of the stakeholders in the start-up ecosystem(investors, accelerators, mentors, incubators, companies and other funding platforms) and help more efficiently guide policies to support their growth. The platform has profiles on 1,086 start-ups and information on the latest investment operations in Catalan start-ups.

According to data from Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub, Catalan start-ups have nearly 10,000 employees in Catalonia, joint turnover of roughly €1.3 billion and 78% have been around for fewer than six years. They operate mainly in the online and mobile softwaree- commercetourism and leisurebig data and eHealth sectors.

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