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  • The 22@ district is home to more than 8,000 companies employing 93,000 workers.
  • These companies have a total joint turnover of 10.3 billion euros, 38% of which is from exports .

The 22@ technology district continues to attract companies. As of today, it is home to 8,223 companies, up 12% from 2012, according to recent figures from the 22@Network BCN, an association with more than one hundred member companies located in the district including benchmark firms in the information and communication technology sector (ICT) like TelefónicaT-SystemsSchneider Electric and Indra,energy and design, among others.

Likewise, the figures published show that there are currently roughly 93,000 people working in the district,up 10% from 2012, and that the total joint turnover of the companies located in the 22@ district is more than 10.3 billion eurosup 13% from 2012.

In this regard, it must be noted that 27% of all companies export and, on average, 38% of their turnover corresponds to sales abroad, with the European Union being the main destination.

Likewise, 22@Network highlights that 84% of companies have between one and nine workers, making up 14% of all those in the district, while 2.5% have more than 200 employees, making up 58% of the total.

Established in 2004, 22@Network BCN is an initiative that seeks to actively participate in making the 22@ district a dynamic, transformative and technologically cutting-edge place.

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