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● In Barcelona there are 33 office buildings in the pipeline, double the number just a year ago

● Of these projects, 29 of them are concentrated in the 22 @ district of Barcelona, ​​88%

The city of Barcelona continues to grow in offices and, currently, there are projects underway that total 365,000 m2, according to the study Barcelona desde el cielo, which has prepared the real estate consultancy CBRE. The study also reveals how projects for the construction of houses and hotels have decreased.

In this sense, the new municipal regulations have led property developers to adapt to the new situation given the impossibility of building hotels in the center of the city and having to do so in more remote areas.

According to the CBRE report, there are currently 33 office buildings in the pipeline in Barcelona, ​​a figure that represents almost double the number there were just a year ago, while housing construction projects have fallen by 3% and those of the surrounding hotels 50%, with only 7 buildings up and running.

It should be noted, therefore, that the building remains stable despite the difficult current context, and at the end of the third quarter of this year there were a total of 261 projects underway, one more than at the same dates in 2019, because the increase of office construction projects has offset the decline in the other two sections.

Of the 33 ongoing projects in the office sector today, 29 of them, almost 88%, are concentrated in the district 22@ de Barcelona, ​​given that investors continue to look for buildings in this area of ​​the city. city, which continues to enjoy very low levels of vacancy.

Last September, the Barcelona City Council approved that of the 200 hectares that are missing from the 22 @ urban planning, 30% would be reserved for housing and 70% for economic activity. It involves the activation of one million square meters of the three million in which 22 @ has been developed since its approval in 2000. These 200 hectares are located further north of this area of ​​Poblenou and are not they had yet developed. According to data from the City Council itself, 90,000 people work in the part of 22 @ already developed and about 60,000 more can work on the area that has been approved.


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