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● The project will be launched in September and will run until 2022

● Develop innovative high-speed mobile-based solutions in different areas

A consortium led by Cellnex Telecom and MásMóvil, and which also includes the Catalan Parlem Telecom, the augmented reality company  Aumenta Solutions Atos engineering,  Nae consulting,  Lenovo technology and the Nearby Computing start-up, will launch a 5G pilot project in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. This project will begin development in September and will run until December 2022.

The pilot project will develop various use situations with innovative high-speed mobile-based solutions in different areas, such as education, industry, trade, tourism, and transportation. This initiative is co-financed by the Fons Europeu de Desenvolupament Regional (ERDF) and has an overall budget of 5.4 million euros, 40% of which will be provided by  Red.es.

The project also involves the Ajuntament de Barcelona, Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Fira de Barcelona, I2Cat, Intel and IESE Business School, and that the consortium that promotes it will work in collaboration with the City Council itself and Guàrdia Urbana to develop a new generation of mobile networks specifically aimed at managing public safety and emergencies.

The consortium led by MásMóvil and Cellnex plans to test different projects, including holographic solutions for the education sector and distance learning, flexible systems for the optimization of logistics through autonomous and connected vehicles for the industry 4.0, autonomous vehicles for the transport of passengers in large venues, especially at trade fairs and conferences, as well as distance purchasing solutions through immersive experiences.

Finally, the 5G pilot project in the Barcelona metropolitan area will investigate aspects such as improving control and management in situations with a high influx of people, such as music or sports events or on the beaches in the summer, or the application of this same 5G technology in the transmissions by means of mobile devices of remote form.

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