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The coworking company Utopicus will open a new flexible office space for the Colonial group this coming month, in a recently refurbished building on Diagonal. According to the firm, “the design aims to foster stronger, more efficient and lasting connections, both with people and with projects and the environment”.

The offices will have space for 117 workstations, meeting rooms, event spaces, video call booths, a canteen and parking spaces, as well as a 400 m2 terrace for exclusive use.


Technology is one of the strong points of the space, the equipment and systems are adapted to the needs of companies and new work formats. On the other hand, sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars in the renovation of the building.

“Utopicus Diagonal was created to respond to the new ways of working and the new ways of interacting in the office. The perfect option for companies to use as a meeting point to promote the connection between their professionals in a situation like the current one, where most of them are relocated”, says Albert Alcober, CEO of Utopicus.

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