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In Barcelona, since the BcnFemTech programme was launched, 72 women have been trained in programming and web development to turn around the wage gap that exists in this sector. The main objective of the programme is to promote the employment of women in the technology sector.

In Barcelona alone, there are 77,000 people working in the ICT sector, but only 26% are women. The demand is growing year after year and has currently increased by up to 80%, but the supply of technicians has only increased by 23%.

In collaboration with Barcelona Activa, Endesa, Factoría F5 and the Fundación Formación y Trabajo promoted the BcnFemTech programme, in order to improve these figures and generate job opportunities for women in a sector in full growth and development.

In September, fifty women will be selected for the two new editions of the programme, the fifth and sixth. These will be held in November, thanks to the Amount funds that promote a new model of socio-labour inclusion.

48% of the women are of Spanish nationality. Including that there are also 16 different nationalities. The age range of the participants is from 18 to 62 years old. There is a big difference in the level of education of each of them, as there are some who have not finished compulsory secondary school, and there are also participants with university studies that have not been validated.

In the previous situation, the participants must be in a situation of long-term unemployment or temporary, partial and precarious jobs. The programme offers 850 hours of preparation for women referred by social services.

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