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Barcelona City Council’s Governing Committee has begun processing the Special Urban Development and Uses Plan for the Port Olímpic. The aim is to turn this infrastructure into a space without barriers and with better connections, to create an area that promotes the blue economy and gastronomy, and to democratise access to marine activities.

The scope of the plan covers a total area of 180,925 square metres, of which 103,561 correspond to the land where the port infrastructure will be built, including the Mestral, Marina, Gregal, Xaloc and Dic de Recer, while the rest, 77,363 square metres, correspond to the sheltered sheet of water. The total ceiling foreseen for the scope of the plan is 32,700 square metres.

According to the City Council, the plan confirms the commitment to the nautical sector, the sustainable economy and catering as the central axes of the new Port Olímpic’s activity. 

In relation to the blue economy, nautical training, dissemination and recreational activities are promoted, with the aim of helping the people of Barcelona to gain a better relationship with the sea. The presence of entrepreneurs and nautical service companies will also be encouraged.

The plan places emphasis on improving accessibility to the Port of Barcelona, with the construction of new accesses from the Vila Olímpica and the beach, as well as the creation of public spaces specifically designed for walking and sporting activities. The City Council has reported that the works for the construction of the new access from the coastal ring road are progressing at a ‘good pace’, as well as the adaptation of the premises of the Moll of Mestral and the urbanisation of the Dic de recer. In addition, the refurbishment of the Sailing Centre is being put out to tender.

The plan also stresses the importance of promoting the use of green spaces, renewable energy and waste collection, among other initiatives to combat climate change and increase commitment to sustainability. 

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