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The Economist Intelligence Unit ha publicat ja la quarta edició del seu estudi Safe Cities Index 2021, en el qual classifica la seguretat de les 60 majors àrees urbanes mundials sota 76 indicadors dels camps de seguretat digital, sanitària, infraestructures, personal i, nova enguany, ambiental.


In this fourth edition, we find Barcelona with a score of 77.8/100, placing it as the 4th safest city in Europe and the 11th safest in the world. Regarding the distribution of the score, in this graph we can see Barcelona’s score in the different fields of security, achieving the 9th position in the world in health security.

Copenhagen has been ranked the safest city in the world, moving from eighth position in the previous edition to the top position this year, followed by Toronto and Singapore.


After the impact of Covid-19, the concept of safety needs a more holistic approach in healthcare, with the obvious speed of spread of the virus in urban areas, health has become a key factor that needs more planning and urban resilience. In addition, digital security is now an even higher priority, due to the rise of online work and commerce, urban areas will now compete to become the pioneers of smart cities.

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