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  • Barcelona will develop more than 20,000sqm of streets and green areas around the station
  • The works, promoted by Barcelona Sagrera Alta Velocitat and Barcelona’s Town Hall, rely on an investment of €6.9M

A new sustainable urban growth area, with an important offer of new housing and an economic and commercial activity centre, will be developed in Barcelona very close to the new central station being built at the Sagrera-Sant Andreu area. The complex will be covered with 40ha of green space, new facilities and public services.

In this context, Barcelona Sagrera Alta Velocitat (BSAV) has just placed the bid for the development project of Gran de la Sagrera, Garcilaso and Berenguer de Palou streets; more than 20,000sqm in total which also include two new pedestrian routes. This development prioritises the use of the bike, the mobility of pedestrians and spaces to rest.

The project’s main goals are improving the urban space, permeabilising the Sagrera neighbourhood, and revitalising these surroundings. The aim is to keep on closing the current urban wound that has been affecting the neighbourhood over the past few years as a consequence of the still ongoing station works.

This project will rely on an investment of €6.9M. Barcelona’s Town Hall will provide 1.76 and 5.14 come from urban planning fees applicable to this sector in transformation. BSAV has already approved the tender for the works and plans them to start this September and finalize along 2021 first quarter.

The new development of Gran de la Sagrera, Garcilaso and Berenguer de Palou streets will be completed with the partial opening of two pedestrian routes and the incorporation of bike lanes. All interventions plan line planting of new trees, urban furniture and lighting to improve pedestrian’s mobility, lessen wheeled traffic, and provide a high standard of quality to the urban planning of the area.

Finally, it should be highlighted that the project considers the recovery and placing of the Font del Gaig, a fountain by architect Antoni Rovira i Trias, from 1865. It is a stone fountain originally located near the Rec Comtal, which for many years was a meeting point within the Sagrera neighborhood.


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