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The corporate vice-president of Microsoft Corporation, Jordi Ribas, has highlighted that Barcelona has all the necessary elements to become “the Silicon Valley of Europe” in the next 10 years.

In a recent interview on “Rac1”, Ribas explained that “the mix of startups, technology professionals and universities creates the perfect storm for the city to achieve this goal”.

His commitment to the city is reflected in the implementation of its first R&D hub in Spain, located in Barcelona.

He also defended the fact that Barcelona is considered “one of the leading cities in terms of talent and technology professionals”, specifically in the field of Artificial Intelligence, which is the focus of the Microsoft hub.

Jordi Ribas detailed that “There are already more than 100,000 technology professionals in the Barcelona area, and more than 800 research groups. We are talking about a seed that can grow and accelerate the ecosystem”.

Here you can recover the entire interview in Catalan, in the program Via Lliure of RAC1 to Jordi Ribas, the corporate vice president of Microsoft in the United States:

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