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The concept of smart city is an increasingly evident reality in societies around the world by implementing the latest technologies to sustainably improve the quality of life of citizens and foster economic growth. A good definition of the concept could be the following: «A self-sufficient city of productive neighbors at a human speed, within a metropolitan area, hyperconnected with emissions transfers. »

In terms of smart cities, Catalonia is at the top of the ranking and is one of the most advanced European regions. In addition, Catalonia is the fourth most prepared city in the world for the technological future. This is demonstrated by the more than 400 companies dedicated to smart cities and the Leading smart city solutions in Catalonia catalog.

This catalog identifies smart city solutions that have already been implemented in Catalonia by Catalan companies and technology centers, and shows cases of each technology, covering all areas of a city and analyzing sixty cases developed by 56 companies. In each case, the document describes the challenge that has faced, the technological solution implemented and the company that has made it possible.

The mentioned catalog can be consulted at the following link:

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