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Barcelona is considered the best “smart city” abroad, according to the World Smart City Expo Korea. The award of Barcelona highlights its leadership and governance of innovative projects in various areas of technological transformation.

The event is one of the most important smart city events in the Asia-Pacific region, bringing together governments, businesses and experts in the field.

The smart city designation coincided with a visit by the Delegación de Promoción Económica to the Asian capital to strengthen institutional relations with the country.


The aim of strengthening these relations is to foster economic collaboration and innovation, as well as to encourage tourists to visit Barcelona. The main idea is for the strategic market to reopen after two years of health restrictions.

In addition, the direct international air connection between the Catalan capital and Seoul has recently been restored, with a schedule of three flights a week.

“Barcelona has been working for some time to position itself as a hub of digital innovation in southern Europe and wants to be the capital of reference and gateway to Asia, so consolidating ties with Korea, the tenth largest economy in the world and the most innovative, is a priority for the positioning of the city,” said Barcelona City Council in a statement.

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