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The Catalan capital attracted 100 million euros in foreign investment in the city, five times the figure for 2020. A figure that has generated around 885 jobs, doubling the previous year’s figure.

Jaume Collboni, the city’s first deputy mayor, stresses that Barcelona is in the process of recovering from the pandemic, and that the indicators are constantly improving, a phenomenon perceived by foreign companies, which have confidence in the city.
In reference to the companies that have invested in Barcelona in the last year, we find that 54% of them belong to the technology and communications sector, followed by creative and cultural production.

Some of the investments that the City Council wanted to highlight are, on the one hand, the PepsiCo project, which aims to lead the corporate digital transformation, from its recently arrived Global Digital Hub in Barcelona, which will create 400 jobs over the next two years. Read more about the launch of its new digital hub in Barcelona here.

By 2022, the City Council is already working on the development of 62 projects, 65% of which are outside the European Union, predominantly in the information and communication technologies sector.

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