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According to a statement from CBRE at the Trends 2022 event, in 2021, 70% of the hiring of technology companies in Spain took place in Barcelona. Xavier Güell, director of the consultancy firm in Barcelona, explained that the technology sector has become “the main sector in terms of recruitment” in the city.

The Catalan capital’s presence in the technology sector not only stands out at the national level, but also leads the European ranking of cities with the greatest exposure to the technology sector, with 48%, ahead of Amsterdam (37%), Dublin (31%), Bucharest (29%) and London (29%).

In recent years, Barcelona has experienced one of the highest growth rates in the technology sector, given that in 2017, it was the seventh European city in this same ranking and in 2021 it has reached the first position.

The consultancy firm highlights 22@ as one of the main reasons for the city’s consolidation as a pole of attraction for the technology sector. According to the report, it notes that the Torre Glòries area “is becoming an extension of the traditional City Business District (CBD), with 80% of its buildings having Grade A quality”.

Another key factor is rental growth. Although Barcelona is one of the cities where rent has increased the most in the last six years, the city is still very competitive in terms of office rent. CBRE expects the city to show significant increases in the coming years.

Another key element, as highlighted by the report, is the strong and sustained progression in recruitment since 2013. In 2015 and 2019, the city reached a record high of 400,000 m². Despite the sharp drop in 2020, in 2021, contracting in Barcelona grew by 90%.

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