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It is expected that in 2025 the capacity of the Barcelona data center will generate an economic impact of 1,047 million euros. This investment is expected to have a multiplier effect that boosts Barcelona’s GDP by 7,235 million euros, positioning Barcelona as a connecting digital center between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

These conclusions came from the information extracted from the report “Barcelona: Digital Port of the Mediterranean” by Digital Realty, DE-CIX and Foundry, with the support of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

The report also predicts the creation of 2,218 jobs by 2025, covering construction, operation and long-term functions, highlighting the need for public administration participation to streamline processes, facilitate the development of data centers and ensure efficient energy supply through better electrical grid planning.

Barcelona is becoming an attractive alternative to Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris. With these cities reaching saturation, Barcelona is positioned as a privileged place for expansion thanks to the arrival of submarine cables, a strong communications network and its strategic location.

Vicenç Hernández, president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce in Barcelonès Nord, highlights that “Barcelona is among the top 5 emerging ecosystems worldwide and ranks 6th in technology companies.”

The Digital Reality report also stipulates that for Barcelona to position and consolidate itself as a pioneer, it must develop an ecosystem that includes data centers, neutral points, cloud service providers, communication networks, system integrators and consultants, among others. 

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