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By 2030, the Barcelona Port Authority will invest 110 million euros in the electrification plan for the Adossat quay, the Costa quay, the Prat quay and the Sant Bertran dock.

This action will enable a 38% reduction in nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions during the stay of ships in the port, which currently represent 0.7% of all emissions generated in Catalonia.

When ships dock in port, despite switching off the engines they use to move around the sea, they need to activate others to supply power to the stationary vessel. With the electrification of the docks, the Port of Barcelona will avoid this burning of fuel and thus reduce the environmental impact of the infrastructure.

Another fundamental element in the electrification plan for the Port of Barcelona docks is the construction of a new electricity substation on the Ronda Litoral ring road by the electricity grid, with a capacity of 220 kV.

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