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The current Minister of Enterprise and Employment, Roger Torrent, has announced from Yantai (China) the successful operation of the Chinese multinational company WANHUA in Catalonia.

WANHUA is currently one of the largest chemical companies in the world, with more than 27,000 employees worldwide, and until now it has only been present in Hungary and the Czech Republic.

According to Roger Torrent, this is the company’s first investment in Southern Europe and it has chosen Catalonia as the location to develop this major project.

The large project is planned to be established in Cornellà (Barcelona) at the end of 2023. The main objective of this center is to support the company’s business development in Europe.

In the last five years, foreign investment from China to Catalonia has reached 1,164 million euros, which has been transformed into 2,100 new jobs and 114 subsidiaries of Chinese companies in Catalonia.

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