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The difference between this year and the previous year is very notable, in December 2022 there were 22,820 fewer people registered as unemployed, compared to the same month in 2021, that is -6.18%.

The highest figures since records began in 2004 were reached, with 3,615,780.

Compared to December 2021, there was a fall in unemployment of 11.74% in Tarragona, -11.25% in Lleida, -9.88% in Girona and, finally, -4.31% in Barcelona. 

The number of unemployed people in Spain as a whole remains below 3 million, decreasing by 1.52% compared to the figures of November 2022. Over the past year, unemployment in Catalonia fell by -8.64%, below the Spanish average. 

More than one third -38% of all new contracts have been indefinite since the labour reform of the Gobierno Español came into force.

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