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A new video game studio, called Bespoke Pixel, has been founded in Barcelona by a visionary group of European video game entrepreneurs. Led by David Polfeldt, former director of Massive Entertainment of the Ubisoft group, this studio will focus on the development of AAA video games for PC and consoles, with an investment of 25 million euros. Its establishment in the city has been supported by the Government through ACCIÓ -Catalunya Export & Investment and the Barcelona City Council through Barcelona Activa.

Bespoke Pixel has chosen Barcelona as its headquarters to lead and develop its online experiences. David Polfeldt explains that they seek to create original and well-designed projects, with a singular approach, and have an agile and expert team dedicated to the development of prototypes.

The founding team of Bespoke Pixel selected Barcelona among fifteen European options, highlighting the talent concentrated in the city and its promising future as a cultural center and leader in the video game industry.

David Polfeldt, with a distinguished career in the industry, has been an influential figure in Sweden and Europe. For 17 years, he led the Ubisoft group’s Massive Entertainment studio, producing acclaimed titles such as “World in Conflict,” “Assassin’s Creed” and “Far Cry.”

The video game industry in Catalonia is experiencing unprecedented growth, consolidating itself as one of the main economic drivers of the region. According to data from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Catalonia leads the national panorama by representing 52% of turnover and concentrating 48% of employment in the sector in Spain.

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